How to snap the insulated cooler pouches in place

Snap the insulated cooler pouches into your Coolux bag and enjoy!  Now drinks can stay cold while you manage your busy day to day tasks.  The 4 snaps keep the insulated pocket most secure.  Coolux bags are spacious!  But if you need more room, remove a cooler bag for extra space!


How to clean the Coolux Tote:  

Our bag is made of luxury vegan leather.  We love to create an environmentally friendly bag that is waterproof and easy to clean.  Use a dry or slightly damp cloth to clean.  If needed, clean with a mild soap and wipe off with a damp cloth. To dry, wipe down with a dry cloth.  



How long do drinks stay cold in the insulated drink holders?

-Drinks stay cold for 8+hours!  We have seen ice cubes last for 12 hours in the insulated drink holders!!  


How long does food stay fresh in the Coolux interior?

*Food stays fresh for an hour or two! Throw some ice packs in there and food will stay fresh even longer!  Perfect grocery bag or the bag for the mom on the go!


How large are the insulted drink holders?

-Large enough for 2 wine bottles EACH!!


How large is the laptop/tennis racquet holder?

-Large enough to hold a 14 in. laptop or two tennis racquets!


Can I use this bag as a travel bag on an airplane?

-Yes! The bag is regulation size when snapped on both sides!  The bag fits nicely underneath the seat in front of you! 


My bag has wrinkles from shipping!

Your Coolux Tote had a long voyage! The luxury vegan leather can wrinkle just like clothes! But each one is looked over to make sure they are ready for you!  The wrinkles will come out in the sun in the next few days!  


Is there a shoulder strap?

-yes there is!